holly.pngHi my name is Holly, I am a teacher of Year 6 students at Waterloo School. My goal for ICT this year is to get my class to produce their own digital portfolios about their final year at Waterloo School. Another goal I have is to produce a class newspaper using pages or publisher that showcases various events that my class partakes in over the year. I would hope to have a newspaper produced once a term.

Term 2
We used the children's digital portfolios for parent teacher interviews which was a huge success. The parents really enjoyed seeing the work the children had been up to over the year. The children will add to these as the year continues. The children are also undertaking a group webquest task based on changes over the decades looking at topics such as etiquette, music, schooling, technology. As our term has been extra busy the children will be completing them at the beginning of term 3. Looking forward to the Cluster day next Monday.
Great to hear you using ICT in your feedback to parents- much better than them leafing through books! Were the kids present to guide their parents through the portfolios? I did this last year and it worked well- do you use powerpoint to put them together? If so what other software is involved in the content creation? Nigel@Korokoro
Hi Nigel, we use powerpoint. Next time Clare sees you she will give you the template.