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Kia Ora my name is Jeannie. I teach at Petone Central School and am also lead teacher for ICT. I teach year 5-6 students and have been teaching at Petone Central for two years.

This year we have a new focus planned for each term.
Term one is Voicethread.
Term two is making a blog for our class.
Term three is using Kidpix with a video insert.
Term four is using Photostory 3.
We are having training as a staff at the beginning of each term as well as sessions with Suzie. The ICT focus is planned into our topic work so that all teachers have to use it. At the end of each term we will feedback to staff about successes, trials etc.

Also this year I am running a media team, a group of senior students who are responsible for covering any major events in the school, updating the school website, and making presentations for parents and community members.

Term One 2008 - Voicethread

Initially learning about voicethread was amazing. I could immediately see so many uses for it in the classroom. We had some training and then went at it on our own only to find stumbling blocks in our way! We found that uploading to voicethread on our macs wouldn't work, and try as we might we couldn't get it to. We were lucky though that the school has a dual base system so we made sure we used the PCs to upload pictures. Still haven't fixed the problem though :(
We have now all given voicethread a go and the multitude of uses are beginning to be seen.

Here is a sample of a voicethread that was done by a reading group. It is basically and oral book review.

Term Two 2008 - Blog

Blogging has been a lot of fun and it is quite addictive! To begin with I set up the Koromiko class blog. Initially we had a vote on the background design but then I chose which widgets, pages etc would be appropriate for the class. I began updating the blog myself so that I could learn and get the hang of it, but have now begun to pass it over to the class. The blog has been set up with some learning pages that the kids update themselves. For example the 'Our Writing', 'Our Math', or 'Our Art' pages.
If you're interested in checking out our blog then click on the link below.


Hi Jeannie- you need a new photo up top- it is backlit! How about I get my kids to comment on your blog, this might help out as I find if the kids have an audience they tend to "raise their game"!