Get a class blog up and running, where students...

- choose their own topics (related to class events & programmes & learning)
- write & publish independently
- add own pics independently
So... Check out the class blog here
Room 1's Blog

Students do first 2 & will (hopefully) learn to upload pics from i-photo this term.

Do I get a mellopuff now?

Great job on the blog- when do you find you are able to fit the blogging in? Also have you got the kids to comment on other kids blogs in other schools?

children blog in class during our writing time - and love it.
I usually edit at night (often in the middle of the night.... when I can't sleep.... insomnia caused by late sessions at the gym.... sometimes it is just more appealing than marking to doing other things that have to be 'handed in'.
As a class we have left comments on another schools blog - I typed what the children wanted to say.

Term 3
Goal 1 (chn post blogs independently) met! This part was easy.
Goal 2 (chn add pics to blog post) not met yeat. I just need to find the time to teach them how. I have no doubt at all that they will do just fine, when they know how. And when they do know how there will be no stopping them - they will be able to make and show their own slide shows easy peasy.

They might even want to get real flash and choose quality pics, in foucs.
Another goal for T4 will be upping the at home interest in our blog so that questionaires etc get completed by most of the class. I have done very little promo of it as an at home thing to do and will look at stretching its purpose to include more kid feedback in the form of comments. This will have to be included in weekly homework.... it hasn't taken off - despite doing some early demos.

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