My ICT goals this year include learning about e-asttle, and using e-tap for assessment. My major ICT project with my class is to make advertisements using a movie making programme. I want the students to write the script, act, film and edit their ad. This will link with our topic focus - production and process (designing and producing a product), and our writing focus (persuasive writing).

My class have sat an e-asttle reading test and I have been using the information from this to group and teach my literacy programme.
We are in the process of completing an e-attle maths test as well. Overall students are learning how to use the new testing system well. There has been some juggling of computer usage etc. and some challenges with trying to get all students access to a computer when needed to sit the test.

Movie making is a work in progress. Students are currently developing their characters and scripting for short films. Focus for these has shifted to link with our literacy and integrated studies topic of champions, heroes & idols. Students are writing a superheroe adventure type clip to film as a 30 second movie.