Lisa's Page

Hi there. My name is Lisa Allen and I am currently teaching in a year 5 & 6 class. I have a class of 28 and they are just lovely.

This year I started off worrying about getting my class blog going. After a bit of a flap and a couple of workshops I realised that it really wasn't that bigger deal. I am proud of my blog and am finding it useful and fun to do. Lots of my parents have commented on what is going on and the children love it too. It is great that people outside of the classroom can see all of the wonderful things happening.

Check out my Blog Leave me a comment if you like...

Hey Lis! Thanks heaps for co-presenting with me at the Expo. You were fantastic - how did you enjoy it? Stu
I really enjoyed the Expo. I particularly enjoyed Mark Tredwell's talk in the morning. I also enjoyed doing the workshop with you. It was nice to talk about something in IT that I knew about and felt confident with. I really like Comic life. - Lisa

I have tried to upload photos of what I have been doing in ICT and have got really stuck. i have been doing it for about an hour and am getting nowhere! Sorry Stu, I tried!

Hey Nigel here;
Tell me what you are trying to do and i will try to give you some pointers!