Shape Poetry
Use the computer to add graphics to enhance a poem.
external image Rain.gifShape Poems Using WordArt


external image pa1.jpgCreate a big book for junior classrooms
The example on this page was made using Frontpage and is very basic but you could do the same thing in any webpage software. You then just need to put the html files on your server for the younger classes to access.

external image writing_cover.jpgGoogle Docs Activity for Educators
A lesson plan and ideas on how to use Google Docs for collaborative writing and re-working writing.

Skype and Google Docs
There is a great example of how to use Google Docs in combination with Skype to develop writing on two teachers blogs that were involved in the project. Lisa's Lingo blog and Learning is Messy Blog.
external image 2367943044_9a200535fa.jpg?v=0

ICT Applications in Literacy
This has a large number of ideas on how to incorporate ICT into literacy organised by objectives and strand.

NGfL Literacy Ideas
Almost all of the ideas in this list have an ICT component.

Creating Animations iMovie
We created an animated advertisement for a useless product. We first created a Jingle then drew the animation and took photos of it. Finally we compiled it together in iMovie. It was fully integrated into our poetry and inquiry unit making the learning more meaningful. The students learnt the process of animation while learning about how to effectively advertise.

iChat/ Skype for Reading
Children read the same text in separate classrooms and the children develop questions based on the text. They then use iChat/ Skype to contact the other partner classroom and children ask each other their questions. You could also do this in other ways such as using VoiceThread with a picture of the book/page in the middle and children add their responses to the question around the outside.

Kenote or Powerpoint for Poetry
Using Keynote/ Powerpoint to publish Poetry. Given the nature of transitions and animations, the children had to think about the importance of each word, what they needed to emphasize, how they were going to emphasize it.

Keynote for Presenting Topic Material
Using keynote we put together informative slides with hyperlinks to websites and other pages. The kids loved it. We had a map of New Zealand with clickable areas that would take you to slides about that area. We also added hyperlinks to external sites that could be clicked on in the presentation.

Comic Life to Add Alternative Book Ending.
They had to add a further ending onto the book using Comic Life. It was successful because I got a few older kids to assist them (buddy system) integrated with reading. The children enjoyed using their imaginations and loved the story and were therefore motivated. These were shared with the whole class at the end.

Clicker 5/ Kidpix to Create Class Book
This can be done with a data projector or with small groups. You can base it on a current big book for reading or for other purposes such as to explore ideas in the current topic. Our children enjoyed working together to make a class book.

Digital Storytelling with PhotoStory 3
We made photo stories of children's experiences. It was about them personally and they enjoyed reflecting on an activity they did. They could shape and craft their story in their own design.

Podcasting for Language and Style of Advertising
I used podcasts in my writing programme to record the children's advertisments. You can hear the results of these on our podcast channel. the children really focused on improving their oral language skills and loved sharing their podcasts with their families">Fabian's Chocolate Dipped Strawberries Advertisement

Using Video to develop writing
You could use videos from a range of sources to use as either a story starter or to help develop descriptive language. You can also use a video clip that is quite neutral and write about it using a range of contexts to explore changing the mood such as in this example.

VoiceThread Ideas