VoiceThread Ideas
These are great for getting children to explain their methods! Perfect for the numeracy contract. One is done by a teacher as an example and the other by a student.

Excel/ Spreadsheet Ideas

Use a spreadsheet with formulas to create Algebra patterns. Children were really enthused and excited to find such a quick way of doing it!

I used spreadsheets when doing statistics for maths and using excel to load data and create graphs. The actual focus of the lesson was to interpret and make statements about info presented on graphs. The use of spreadsheets allow students to quickly take their topic of investigation info and present it as a graph without focussing too heavily on the process of creating the graphs themselves. I love modelling the use of ICT with a data projector.

Making Hyperlink Pages in Excel
I had created excel doc's with hyperlinks to lots of maths games for my personal goal for term 3. They were related to our current maths topic and differientiated for ability groups. Some childrens learning was extended, others consolidated or supported.
external image msexcel.png Basic Facts & Multiplication.xls external image msexcel.png Time.xls external image msexcel.png Length and Measurement.xls

Video on Excel in Mathematics
A teacher has children count the number of each colour of sweet in a packet and then graph the results to investigate probability.

Video Ideas
For Demonstration
Sometimes you want to demonstrate something that is quite hard for all pupils to see at once such as using a protractor. You could have your video camera connected to a laptop which is connected to a dataprojector and then project onto the whiteboard. This becomes a video of a demonstration as it happens. Examples include, constructions, using a calculator, reading scales and drawing graphs. This technique can be applied to any situation where you want to demonstrate something that would otherwise by too difficult for the whole class to view sensibly. It can also be recorded in the video software on your computer and placed on the intranet/ internet for pupils to view again in their own time as they need it.
Human Graphs/ Maths Representations
Human graphs! Using students to represent themselves on a large graph, videoing it and playing back to the students. Then they have to recreate the graph on paper. This technique could be extended to coordinates, plotting graphs, constructions, transformations, etc.