Peter - Muritai

Action Research

Below is the link to the wiki Suzie and I have developed to support my action research project. Pete Hull and I are looking at motivating students to improve the speed and accuracy of their basic facts. We have assessed present knowledge and attitudes towards maths and explained to the students that they will be the 'test' group to see if we continue with this for all the children in the class (which they think is wonderful). There are a group of eight low ability children using internet games that drill them in basic facts with the wiki below set up to provide the links. This is their independent maths activity (numeracy contract) every day. We use our laptop pod so that each child has their own and they play these games for 20 minutes a day, 5 times a week for three weeks in total. We will be retesting their knowledge and attitudes at the end of the project. Click on the picture below to take you to the wiki.


Hey Pete! I though your action research was really successful . The children were so motivated and were banging down the doors to get to maths. what were the outcomes for you? Stu

Very exciting outcome. The children were so into using the wiki every day. It was clear to see that the children were building in confidence and learning to answer their basic facts questions much faster and more accurately. I am getting the laptops back again in my maths session again soon, and all of my children will be getting the opportunity to use the games. I will test these children before they use the games, and then again once they have used the games for 3 weeks. Looking forward to seeing the outcome of this!