Great_links.png[[image:Down_to_3:4.png width="96" height="96" link="threetofour/Yr 3and4 Links"]][[image:Up_to_7:8.png width="105" height="100" link="seventoeight/Yr 7and8 Links"]]
Here we can share great internet links suitable for Year 5/6.
Digistore - TKI
Access the digital learning objects here.
NZ maths learning objects portal
Maths learning objects from the Digistore in an easy to find format.
Link to the ARBS website
Places to locate ready made assessment materials in English, Maths and Science.
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NEMP Project
Tasks designed for testing NZ children during NEMP are then made available here to use in classrooms
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BBC Bitesize Revision
There are some great activities here. Some may be too easy for yr 3/4 but then you can try out the KS2 version which is linked to from this page.
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BBC Index for KS2
Click on a subject area under the Key Stage 2 heading to see every resource on the BBC website that match that topic at the appropriate key stage level.
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Fact Monster
A kid friendly encyclopedia. Some of it has an emphasis on the US but is still very useful.
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Woodlands Interactives for Children
This school site has collected interactive activities from around the web and catergorised them for you.
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Primary Level Games and Activities from BGfL
A number of very useful activities organised by curriculum area and designed for primary aged children.
Coxhoe Durham School Website Links
Excellent resource with a huge number of activities linked to. Click on a curriculum area to see the links. KS1 is for up to 7 year olds. KS2 is for 7 to 11 year olds.
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Activiites that can be completed on a dataprojector or on classroom computers. There are also a great set of links to activities on other sites.
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Te Ara
Encyclopedia of New Zealand - an excellent classroom resource. Find out about the people, the places and the environments in New Zealand.
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Adrian Bruce
This is the site of an internationally recognised Australian teacher who has made a huge amount of resources available for you to use.
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Special Needs Links
Links for working with ESOL, specific special needs and gifted children from
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TES Teacher Resources by Teachers
Teachers have uploaded useful digital resources that they have made to this Time Educational Supplement site where you can then download them from.
A site designed for children aged 10 to 14 with information and links to other sites in English, Maths, Science, ICT and other subjects. There is a teacher section with links as well.
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The Famous Five Learning Network
Five schools have pooled resources on to one website. Organised by year level. Flip chart resources can only be used with interactive whiteboard software.
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Guess My Number
You are given clues in order to figure out numbers. eg You add 2 to me and you get 50. Guess my number.
Rainforest Maths
Great interactive activites organised into year levels.
103 online activities for developing mathematics skills.
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Interactive Teaching Programs
These would be brilliant for whole class teaching with a data projector.
Grade 6 Mathematics Lessons
A useful Canadian resource with clear explanations and visualisations.
Learn Alberta Maths
High quality explanations and visualistions of concepts as well as built in quizzes in each section. There are also supporting worksheets to print and use.
Junior High Math Interactives
These are really high quality interactives and activities - I enjoyed the fractions smoothie making activity.
KS2 Bitesize Maths
From the BBC - designed for up to 11 year olds in the UK.
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Interactivate Maths Activities
A HUGE bank of maths activities organised by topic.
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Division Tips and Tricks
A useful list of tricks to help you divide better.
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Factors Game
I lost in a big way against the computer. This requires a HUGE amount of strategy.
WickEd Maths Interactives
Designed for Upper Primary aged children.
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Math Playground
The games index on this comprehensive resource site.
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Skillwise - Numbers
Designed by the BBC for adults but still some really useful content.
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A problem solving adventure where the two main characters have to solve a number of maths problems to escape from kidnappers.
The Interactive Maths Classroom
A site that indexes great interactive maths content from around the world. Another huge index of content from other sites is
Math Magician
Try out your basic facts using these drill games.
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The Maths File Games Show
Play games and do activities with hosts from the ancient world - a BBC site.
Maths is Fun
Both online activities and printable worksheets for the classroom.
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Placevalue Charts
Practice different making different numbers by expanding out numbers.
Woodland School Maths Activities
Aimed at 7 to 11 year olds with a huge number of resources
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Start from the current time or any other time and ask students what it will be in, for example, 20 minutes time. Then use the 'Add 10' button to add on twenty and see what it will look like.
A LOT of resources for the teaching of basic fact including printables and really engaging interactive games. Highly recommended.
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Want more basic facts?
Try out the basic facts links on Suzie's Links
English Interactives accompanied with comprehensive lesson plans to support them.
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A dictionary site that is integrated with a thesaurus and also helps you to generate vocabulary sheets and quizes.
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Authors Index from Scholatic
Find out about almost any author for children from this database.
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Stories from the Web
Designed for 7-11 yr olds. Read stories and poems online and do other literacy related activities. The site was created for a library.
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Children's Poetry Archive
A very well presented site with a large bank of poems. There is also some information about poets.
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The Spellits
From the BBC and designed for seven to 10 year olds.
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Woodlands School Literacy Activities
Again there are a huge number of resources in this section.
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Read to Feed
Part of an organisation where children can participate in readathon type events to help buy animals for people in third world countries. This link leads you to games and activities on their website as well as real stories of the children helped by the project.
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Into the Book
An awesome resource that explores eight reading strategies for children to use. Very engaging and with a great teacher section as well.
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Writing with Writers
A site by Scholastic on how to write in various genres with advice from real authors.
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Faiground Spells
A site built around a Fairground theme where childen can practise their English skills.
Scholastic Games
A large number of aciivities for kids. Many are based around specific texts from Scholastic but they can often stand alone as a good activity.
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Communicating your Ideas with Newspapers, Comics and Posters
An excellent site with great interactive activities to help children learn about features of each of these texts and have a go at designing their own.
Using Similes to Enhance Writing
Scroll down to the interactive links at the bottom of the page - excellent quality lesson resource.
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Writing Fun
Find out about ever genre of writing and use the text organisers (which you can print) to organise your ideas. An excellent resource for the teaching of writing!!
Find out about authors, get tips from them on how to write, read some stories and texts online, and play some word games.
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This free online tool enables you to enter a word and see all a visual map of associated words and concepts. It also shows you parts of speech and the types of lines connecting ideas show you the type of connection.
Writers' Window
Publish the writing of your children using this online space. A great way to share the work of your kids and read the work of other children.
Suzie's Links
There are many links for a wide variety of subjects on my website.
Dole Superkids
A host of great activities and games to teach children about eating fruit and vegetables.
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Kent NGfL Science Resources
A brilliant site with lesson plans and online resources for science topics.
The Essentials
A range of great resources and worksheets on Science, History and Geography topics.
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Staying Healthy
A site for kids on almost every aspect of health written in an engaging way eg 'Going with the flow of nosebleeds'
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BAM - Body and Mind
Find out about nutrition, diseases, physical activity, saftely, your life and your body topics.
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Oxfam Resources
A range of activities and printable resources to help children better understand the way other people live around the world.
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Sen Teacher Printables
Make your own customised printable resources for use in your classroom in almost any situation.
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Primary Resources
A huge number of printable resources posted by teachers as well as powerpoints and other resources on different topics.
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Crayola Certificates
Make gorgeous looking certificates to print. You need to sign up (for free) to make them.
Instant Display Teaching Resources
These are freebie downloads of various displays to print and use in the classroom. On the right, there are pages of other display sets which cost two English pounds each and could save you hours.
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Atlas - Xpeditions
From National Geographic. Create printable maps of any country with or without place name details.
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Topic Box
A very easy to navigate interface for finding resources on the web.
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Sparkle Box - KS2 short loans
A UK site that also offers printable classroom displays with some for free and others you have to pay for.
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Education World - Worksheet Library
A huge bank of worksheets for you to download and print for free.
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Literacy Matters
Year Three Unit Plans for Literacy. Year 4 plans can be reached using the navigation bar to the left of the page.
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A large library of downloadable resources and some online
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Gertie Grumbles Free Stuff
This is a site by a Year 6 teacher who has posted resources and literacy activities that he has created for you to download for free.
No pictures on the site!
Julia's Free Files
Another teacher that has made her resources available for download.
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Ready made worksheets for teachers. You need to pay for a lot of them but there are still some freebies on the site.
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A search engine that will lead you to only high quality educational resources.
The links on this page are just a starting selection taken mostly from my website. There is a lot more in here -
come and check it out.
A HUGE list of topics with internet links provided for each one. You're bound to find something useful this way.

My wiki contains information on digital tools that are available for your computer or online tools. There are tutorials, integration ideas and other resources for the tools. The links below are a sample of the large number of resources on the wiki.
external image kidpix3_box.jpegKidpix
A large range of ideas and resources.
Resources include a 'bad' powerpoint eg to prompt discussion
external image wiki.gifWikis
Learn how to make a similar site to this one for your own class and see egs from other classes.
external image nikon_d50_digital_camera_kit_7_1870mm_black_1686.jpgDigital Photography
Learn how to take good photos.